I wanna feel less racist (film guide)

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feeling racist sucks. I don’t like feeling like a hateful person or someone who needs the simplicity of labeling and categorizing things by face value. It’s also wrong to be racist in my social circles. It’s not analog, you are either racist or not. Things you say are racist or not. The truth is we all live somewhere unideal on the scale of racism.

For me — a boy raised in an all-white town — racism comes in the form of fear, confusion and ignoring a fellow’s nature. The black white thing is the hardest for me. I have black friends and, even though I can see and love them for the great people they are, I still have problems being fair with others of their tone.

Shame can alienate a person more making them less compassionate and more defensive.

Here are a few movies that made me feel less racist. They struck me with the individuality of the personalities and the similarities to familiar lifestyles. Even if they didn’t make me less racist, they made me feel better and made me feel more connected to humanity. That’s pretty good stuff!

Crips And Bloods Made in America

this is a documentary about gangs and riots and police repression. It’s about the simplicity of people trying to make a tolerable world for themselves. It’s not too rough. Feels a little biased, but it’s very nicely presented.

Do The Right Thing

I like Spike Lee a lot. This movie is beautiful to me in its storytelling and cinematic magic. It shows Spike’s caricaturized impression of black New Yorkers in their neighborhood cage. It shows race and human issues from a young, testosterone-rich, progress-hungry scope.

Black Power Mixtape

This wasn’t what I thought it would be. Recorded by Swedes, this is a laid-back collection of beautiful archival footage and voices of then and now. It’s the story of the Black Panthers and stuff from a foreigner seeking an accurate depiction of America.

Hoop Dreams

A brilliant documentary about two boys growing up in Philadelphia. All the struggle of them going from street ball to the pros and how difficult it is for them to sacrifice so much for a chance.

What are your racial issues / movies

Please leave me a comment saying what you think of me or these movies or other movies that you think are good to share here.

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  1. Bentm

    Film: The Tree of Life dir. Terrence Malik

    Reason: reminds us all that repulsively acquisitive middle class white people have feelings too. And you just don’t get enough of those reminders from Hollywood, or TeeVee, nor anybody.

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