Qtorials Quick Tutorials

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I’ve never started a web standard, but I think it would be great to have a format for very short video tutorials.  So, this is it. My first webstandard Qtorials (quick tutorials).

Ideals so far…

  1. Start by stating a clear goal
  2. Use only applications that come packaged with your OS, or are freeware or useable demos
  3. Clearly state all applications being used so that more information could be found on the web
  4. Use common nomenclature when possible
  5. Run-time of 60 sec. or less
  6. Use menu items as apposed to shortcut keys
  7. title should start with “qtorials” followed by the name of the operating system then “:” then what’s the goal of the tutorial (e.g. “qtorial linux: renaming a file”)

    Here’s a title screen image that I’m using in my qtorials…