Not Available in this Split View Mac El Capitan

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When you get the seeming error “Not Available in this Split View” that means that those windows are not available in the split view and I couldn’t understand why. Here is why: they’re too big to take up only half the screen. I was trying to open two OmniFocus windows in split view and I did it at first, but then, they popped out of split view and i couldn’t get them back.

The reason was that I had opened the side bars and inspector so it made the content too wide to be available in split view. If you’re having trouble with this, try to hide some horizontal window content. It may be that your app just has too much going on to ever be in split view mode, though.

Percentage increase saving calculator

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This is made to help you figure out how to gradually increase how much to put into savings. For instance if you put 100 in savings the first month and you increase the amount you save each month by 20% for 6 months.

0 && $periods < 101){ $p = ($percent / 100) + 1; // eg 10% becomes 1.1 $c = $start; print "\n

for($i=0;$i<$periods - 1;$i++){ $c *= $p; $t += $c; print"\n

// print “\n

print “\n

1 $c ” . money_format(‘%i’, $c) . “
” . ($i + 2) . “ $c ” . money_format(‘%i’, $t) . “



Making my DIY fluorescent ring light $50

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I wanted a ring light I could use for video with my iPhone and camera. I didn’t understand the ballast thing for a while, but then, I realized that each ballast tells you what model number of light tube to use. So, I found the light tubes I wanted, then searched for the ballast that would work.

I saw tutorials for making LED ring lights and they seemed really complicated. This one isn’t complicated, but it wasn’t as simple as it could have been – e.g. if I used a shiny tray instead of an oil drip pan and foil tape, that would have removed a step. I probably could have gotten some proper hardware for mounting to the tripod (or light stand) also, then I wouldn’t have needed to make that wooden thing.

I think the only thing you can’t see in the photos below is that I put washers around two wood screws and screwed through the pan into the wooden cross to connect them.

I use a camera behind the ring and an iPhone in front of the ring.

12in Light Tube
8in Light Tube
Fluorescent Ballast
Plug Thing

Plus this stuff

dollar store aluminum foil tape
dollar store oil pan
old duct tape roll
scrap wood
1/4″-20 insert nut (for mounting it to a tripod) (home depot)
matte black paint
gaffers tape
zip ties
wood glue
screws (dollar store)
washers (dollar store)

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Artist vs. Military

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I seriously considered joining the army or something in high school. I had no job skills, but I had a lot of hobbies that eventually led to my current career. I was raised in a small town in Ohio.  The idea that a kid could become a full-time professional performer was completely alien.

artist-military-fb artist-military

I Hate the Game Of Thrones Billboard

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The wings on this billboard are so out of proportion. This is the widest wingspan. The vertical billboards look even worse. The picture made me uncomfortable and I couldn’t figure out why for a while.

game of thrones 4 all men must die billboard

And here’s how a real crow looks.